Thursday, March 24, 2011

Test Screening His Son's Faith-Based Debut

The name of the French Lick, Indiana production company, Son Films, is no accident. The outfit is intended to showcase the works of Caleb Johnson who, last year at age 17, completed his first full-length feature, Time Collectors: Return of the Giants.

The movie has been test screening a handful of times these past few months in Indiana, and is set for another such trial run Saturday, March 26th, at the First Seventh Day Adventist Church in Evansville. The goal is to solicit proactive audience feedback and incorporate any valid suggestions into the final version of the film, set for DVD release later this year.

Johnson's dad Jeff financed the movie, to the tune of $70,000. That's an impressive amount of cash for any independent effort, let alone a Christian grassroots effort. The film tells the story of Brad, an agnostic who must complete certain tasks in order to gain access to an inheritance left by his paleontologist grandfather. Along the way, he meets up with one of his dead relative's assistants, Maria, a devout Christian who leads him towards the realm of intelligent design.

Caleb, at the digital helm last year

As such, Time Collectors ties into the same general territory as the controversial 2008 Ben Stein hosted documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The Johnson father and son team plan to make more Christian movies.

[Son Films]


  1. Fist off I want to thank you for getting the word out, but, a few corrections! #1- First Seventh Day Adventist Church is in Evansville,IN not French Lick, IN. #2- The girls name in the movie is Maria not Sarah.

    Just a little note, our next screening is the 14th of this week (Apr 14th) at the Orleans First Baptist Church in Orleans, IN. The next will be in Houston, Tx the 30th of this month (Apr). Once again I thank you for spreading the news.

    Sincerely Caleb Johnson