Thursday, July 11, 2013

Michigan Film Alliance Showcases Hilarious Shorts

By one tried and true measure of short filmmaking - pick an instantly appealing, original premise - the 2011 14-minute comedy Holy Car! is a clear winner.

Screening Sunday July 14th along with another one of filmmaker Mike N. Kelly's shorts at a "Meet the Filmmakers" event at the Michigan Theatre in Jackson, Michigan, it's about a group of nuns forced to operate a convent out of a used car dealership. It's a musically inclined romp, powered by an original score.

The other featured Kelly short is equally sacrilegious. In Eddie's Casket Shop, main character Fast Eddie is all about driving up the six-feet-under sales. In spite of a stoned out hearse driver and slightly out-of-control lead salesman. Think of this one as Glengarry Glen RIP.

The shorts are being shown at the third in a series of "Meet the Filmmaker" events put on by the South Central Michigan Film Alliance. Kelly will be joined by several other local artists showcasing their work as well: Andy Foretenbacher (The Painter and the Wife) and Michael McCallum (Waiter from Hell).

Not on the Sunday line-up but equally worthy is Kelly's 2012 short I'm a Mime, Bitch! That one is about a "bad ass Detroit mime" who also just happens to be a rapping pimp.

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