Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Crowd-Sourced History Lesson

Ahead of this weekend's April 16th-18th Sarasota Film Festival screenings of his unusual documentary 11/4/08, Jeff Deutchman tweeted that he would be happy to give free tickets to the first two people to send him Florida video footage shot on the day Barack Obama became 44th President. As such, he is one of a small group of directors still looking to make major changes to a film after it has hit the festival trail (11/4/08 debuted at SXSW 2010.)

The most recent Election Day 2008 footage uploaded to Deutchman's interactive website for film inclusion consideration came last month from, of all places, Nigeria. The two-part process of a documentary and online archive is designed, per Deutchman's Director's Statement, "to present another kind of recorded history, one that goes straight to these disparate sources and allows a plurality of first-person narrations without the omniscient master narrator." By day, Deutchman works in the acquisitions department of the Independent Film Channel.


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